Childrens Fundamentals Program

The young student will embark on a fun and motivational journey exploring the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, while gaining self-respect, confidence and superior fitness.  The class structure is formed around a warm-up, a lesson in technique and partner training to practice the technique from the lesson.  This is followed by a fun and games based movement and strength and fitness section. This helps to  prepare the students for sparring when they progress to the advanced kids program.  It also develops superior fighting fitness without actual sparring.  In the advance kids program, children spar safely for a significant proportion of the session.

New beginners program coming soon

Childrens Advanced Program

The kids advanced curriculum is primarily focused on sports BJJ in the gi and no-gi (submission wrestling without the traditional kimono) and prepares the children for local, national and international level competitions. If the student would like to continue to train self-defense they may also come to the fundamentals classes as well, until the yellow belt is attained.  This class consists of significant time devoted to sparring and includes both takedown and ground submission sparring.

Finchley Academy

Tuesday 6.00 (10 -12 years), 7.10 (13 years +)

Friday 6.00 (10 -12 years), 7.10 (13 years +)

Saturday 10.30 (10 -12 years), 4.00 (13 years +)

Sunday 10.30 (13+)  No-Gi

Childrens Strength and Conditioning
Strength and conditioning are core to the performance of any martial art or self defense system.  Developing the strength, agility, speed and endurance of our junior students is a core part of our program.  

Suitable for any child at any stage of fitness. Our dedicated martial arts based strength and conditioning classes combine plyometrics, speed & agility, interval and flexibility training.  

These classes have a great impact on the effectiveness of a childs jiu jitsu and their self confidence in general.  After some time training in BJJ and fitness classes, it is not uncommon for less athletically gifted children to become significantly more successful in school sport and competition in sports outside jiu jitsu, For more athletically gifted kids the training significantly enhances their physical capabilities.

Coming Soon 



All classes have maximum 20 students per class to ensure  individual attention


Fundamentals and Advanced

2 classes per week - £40 per month. 

3 classes per week -  £60 per month

Drop-in classes (please contact us first to ensure capacity) £8


£50 per hour

1-2-1 or semi private (max 2 students) classes are a great way to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

Whether you want to get started with the basics or you want to work on techniques in more detail our instructors are here to help you.

Private lessons can be tailored to sports/competition Jiu Jitsu or Self Defense oriented. 

These are a convenient way to learn when pushed for time as they can be booked around your schedule.